Enterprise Change Management


Aras EPLM enables you to leverage business process management to streamline changes and achieve a single, standardized change process enterprise-wide.

  • Release new parts and documents, and revision and version items with Effectivity
  • Coordinates simultaneous updates to an unlimited number of Affected Items such as multiple parts, CAD models, drawings and other documents
  • Automated email notifications alert people that action is required and graphical process maps provide status visibility
  • Make changes faster while collecting a complete, online audit trail of who signed-off, when they approved, how they voted and more
  • Address complex processes requirements such as weighted voting, escalation, executive veto, delegation, classification driven branching, parallel paths, infinite looping and more
  • Configurable security permissions enable e-signature and dual authentication for regulatory compliance
  • Communicate all approved changes across the company and to suppliers in real time, ensuring that everyone is working from a single version of the product record

Enterprise Change Management Features include:

  • Graphical Online Change Processes
  • Multiple Affected Items
  • Include Unlimited Files & Items
  • Impact Analysis
  • Cost of Proposed Change
  • Effectivity & Release Date
  • Fast Track Option
  • Email Notifications & Alerts
  • Role-based Assignments
  • Escalation
  • Delegation
  • Group Voting
  • Executive Veto
  • Configurable Security
  • Real-time Status Visibility
  • Audit Trail
  • Reports, Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Customizable Processes
  • Robust Integration Capabilities