Aras EPLM for SolidWorks 3D CAD Users

With SolidWorks your Designers and Engineers can quickly transform new ideas into great products, providing your company with a distinct advantage in today's competitive market. But what happens after that?

Without a PDM system in place how do you manage all those designs? And the revisions to those designs? And the corresponding drawings, documents, bills of materials, change requests, purchasing specs, compliance requirements, packing info, etc.? And how do you share, track and manage all of this information with the rest of the company with confidence?

Aras EPLM gives you the PDM functionality your Design and Engineering teams need as well as the global lifecycle management capabilities your business requires to bring quality products to market faster.

  • A full-featured data management solution that provides your design team with the best functionality SolidWorks has to offer.
  • An Engineering Bill of Materials that's ready for release to Manufacturing and that includes all those non-CAD items, such as electronics, wiring, packaging, etc.
  • A standard Enterprise Change Management process to get everyone in the company - and the supply chain - on the same page once and for all.
  • Integrated Project Management that enables secure, online cross-functional collaboration and serves it all up in an easy to use project dashboard.

Sounds like Aras EPLM with SolidWorks EPDM might be the right answer...

Get all of the comprehensive PDM & PLM functionality you need and more, optimized for your SolidWorks design environment while enabling corporate-wide PLM processes. LEARN MORE